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Dippin Dots

I'm proud to offer Dippin Dots!! He is easy to ride – a gelding that you can saddle up and ride out. He remains the same reliable boy, even after time off. There's no bucking or silliness with him. You'll see in the video that he's not spooky, riding by a moving train, carrying a flag, and dragging a barrel. He walks, trots, canters, picks up both leads, neck reins, and can open/close gates. He crosses water and bridges with ease. He rides bareback with a halter, is easy to catch, and loves attention. He ties, clips, bathes, jumps right into the trailer, and rides out alone or with a group without being buddy sour.


Riding him is such fun. He has been used for lessons in the past and is forgiving. He's been ridden Western and English. He's the cutest thing!! He has experience jumping and has participated in gymkhanas for fun. He boasts a lot of trail experience, has been around cattle, helped with gathering and dragging calves, and is comfortable riding down the road. He's up for anything!! Horses like him are hard to find. He has no present or past soundness issues; he's 100% sound and healthy. He's up-to-date on shots, worming, and hoof care. He's ready to hit the trails. 12yr 14.3 hh.

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