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Labradors & Dogs for Sale in Gerber, CA

At Up Schmitt Creek, we sell labradors to meet the diverse needs of clients in Gerber, CA. Whether you are looking for a furry friend to add to your family or a trained hunting or farm dog, our breeding services provide only the best quality of dogs for sale from our litter. Our ranch raises the healthiest labradors, ensuring the highest standards of safety and care for your furry friend throughout all stages of development. 


We sell happy, healthy, and highly-intelligent labs that will easily adapt to you and your family. Up Schmitt Creek has the perfect puppy to integrate into your family, regardless of your preferences. 


Contact Up Schmitt Creek today to learn more about our breeding program and labrador dogs for sale in Gerber, CA.

Find Your Labrador Puppy at Up Schmitt Creek

Our labrador puppies at Up Schmitt Creek come in all shapes, sizes, and colors for the unique needs and preferences of our buyers in Geber, CA. Each dog for sale is black, chocolate, charcoal, and silver and raised excellently with the care of a trained breeder. 


Our breeders will help you find the perfect dog that meets all of your criteria at a price you’ll love. Invest in the happiness, love, and affection that come with the purchase and adoption of a dog from Up Schmitt Creek in Gerber, CA.

labrador puppy

Add a Labrador to Your Family, Hunting, or Farm

Up Schmitt Creek considers our dogs to be a part of your family, hunting, or farm with each purchase in Gerber, CA. We take the time and effort necessary to raise the best litters of labradors for our clients. Brought up with love and care from trained breeders, local families can pick from all of our healthy, happy pups. 

With each purchase, we ensure your dog has the following: 

  • Health certificates

  • Shots 

  • Deworming 

  • Socialization

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