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Sheen is a very large, powerful, and strong horse. He is incredibly gentle and safe for all riders, and is great for anyone, including kids, to ride him. He can go fast when asked and is suitable for a days work or leisurely strolls through the trails. He is kind, reliable, and experienced. He has knowledge of the basics such as walking, trotting, and cantering. He also can pick up both left and right leads, move when leg cues are given and respond to neck reining. Besides, he is great to handle for things like tying, bathing, and clipping. Sheen is calm and content either alone or in a group, and doesn’t have any bad habits. He can stand to mount and dismount, and is a good horse to ranch, gather cattle, and work with a farrier. He loves attention and has a kind disposition, as well as reliable ground manners. He is 13 years old and approx. 15.1 hands tall. He is not afraid of loud noises or traffic, making him a good trail riding companions. He is suitable for any activity.


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