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She is gentle and safe, with no bucking or bolting. She loves the trails and is not spooky at all. She is 100% sound and healthy. Little ones can ride her with a lead line, and more advanced beginners can ride her independently. She prefers to ride out on the trails rather than in the arena. She will cross water, go down the road around loud noises, and can be ridden bareback with a halter or saddle. She is consistent in her behavior whether she is ridden away from home or on her home turf. She loves attention and being brushed, and is great with her feet. There are no past or present illness or lameness issues. She gets along well with other ponies, horses, and dogs, and has no biting or kicking behavior. She will only go as fast as you ask. She is 15 years old and 13 hands high.

Miss Molly

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