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Are you looking for a horse that will take care of the whole family? Frog will do it all – ranching, trails, sorting, and playdays! He is a wonderful trail horse; he will take care of you, dropping your reins and allowing you to enjoy your ride. He has done all aspects of ranching, from gathering cattle, to branding, to watching cows and standing quiet in the branding pen, to doctoring off. He will get the job done, and he has plenty of speed to track up to one out in the pasture; he will put you in the right spot. He'll walk calmly into the herd and sort anything out. He will only go as fast as you ask of him.

He rides off on a loose rein, neck-reins, turns around, and moves off your legs; he can walk, trot, and canter. He is a pleasure to ride – smooth and easy-going. He will cross creeks and water, going wherever you point him without a fuss. He has been ridden in groups and by himself, and is not buddy-sour. He has no bad habits, is healthy and sound, and can be in a pasture with other mares, geldings, or in a stall. He jumps right into the trailer, has fantastic ground manners, ties, and bathes easily; he's also great with his feet. You can saddle up and go, or jump on him bareback. The video will show just how easy he is to ride.

Frog is a great ranch horse and a lot of fun to ride; he is an all-around nice gelding.

DOB: 4/2009 (papers lost so selling grade)

Height: 15.2


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