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Welcome to Up Schmitt Creek in Gerber, CA


Top-Rated Horses, Ponies, and Labradors For Sale

At Up Schmitt Creek, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best horses, ponies, and labradors for sale in Northern California. When you’re looking for the newest addition to your home, family, or group of animals, you want to ensure that you’re buying from a trusted breeder. Up Schmitt Creek offers clients healthy, top-of-the-line horses, ponies, and dogs from a family-owned business you can trust. We’ll help you find your dream horse, pony, or puppy!


Featured Horses for Sale

As your go-to horse seller in Gerber, CA, we have several premium horses and ponies for sale. Whether looking for a beautiful ranch and trail horse or adding a gentle pony to your farm, we have top-rated animals available. Our high-quality horses will make a great addition to your home, business, or farm.