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Meet The Waco Kid – All-Around Ranch & Trail Horse


Beady is a kind & loving boy, easy to catch will meet you at the gate. stands tie, bath, phenomenal ground manners, great with all 4 feet, has had all aspects of ranching, branding, doctoring, gathering. Have drag a few calves to the fire. has never bucked, offered to do anything silly, he’s very honest. He is very athletic and has a great stop, turns around, neck reins, walks trot canners picks up both leads, moves off your leg. Very smooth gaits. 

Beady is 6yr 15hh

Clean legged has a current clean PPE, sound and healthy. Has tons of trail experience, sure footed, goes over bridges, through water. Been the mountains and city trails. Not spooky. Loves attention. He’s a gelding that can go away direction, good minded, easy to get along with. Can be in pasture or a stall, gets along with other horses. Not buddy sour, rides out alone or with other horses.
Papers & PPE in hand.

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