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Ringo is incredibly kind and loved by the whole family. He is suitable for riders of any level and is completely trustworthy. Get ready to saddle up and ride with no surprises, as he always maintains his calm and obedient demeanor. He has a consistently easy-going attitude and is not easily spooked. He responds well to commands and can do a variety of tasks including opening gates and working with cattle.


After watching his video, it's easy to understand why everyone adores him. He is a pleasure to work with and is great for grooming, tying, clipping, and trailer loading. He has a big personality and enjoys affection. He shines with experience on trails and is comfortable on any terrain. He has no problem crossing water or going over bridges. It's hard to find a gelding as safe and gentle as Ringo.


He is 12 years old, stands at 15 hands, and shipping is available for him.

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