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Brown pony
Brown pony

Meet Lani – A Beautiful Pony for Sale

Lani is the safe, well-trained, and playful pony you’ve been looking to add to your family or farm. From your very first encounter with Lani, we guarantee you will fall in love with her as much as we have at Up Schmitt Creek. She is small, loveable, and ready to add fun and energy to your family. We guarantee only the best experiences for you and your family with our prized pony, Lani.


For more information about Lani and her one-of-a-kind qualities, please contact Up Schmitt Creek today!

Get to Know This Fun-Loving Pony

Not only is Lani enjoyable for the whole family, but she is also completely safe and cared for, making her the perfect fit for your home or farm. Customers never have to worry about letting their children play with Lani. She is well-behaved and completely safe to keep around children and adults alike. Without illness and well-trained, Lani is a perfect investment for your spaces. Help provide the perfect home for Lani and experience her gentle and family-oriented demeanor.


Whether you have years of experience with ponies or are looking as a first-time buyer, Up Schmitt Creek recommends Lani as a great pony to get you started. Reach out to our company today to learn more about the benefits of purchasing and welcoming Lani into your family!

Brown pony
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