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Brown pony

Meet Cinnamon Roll – A Gentle Pony for Sale

As her name suggests, Cinnamon Roll is sweet and comforting. For clients in need of a docile companion, Up Schmitt Creek has the perfect pony for you. Cinnamon Roll is a cute, fun-loving animal that is safe to be around your children and other animals. She is obedient and a joy to be around, as a kind and gentle new addition to your family or farm. 


Contact Up Schmitt Creek today for more information about our pony, Cinnamon Roll.

Get to Know This Sweet Pony

Cinnamon Roll not only has the perfect temperament for any home, she is also healthy and free of illness for the peace of mind of her owners. This pony is one hundred percent sound and has all of her shots, has been checked for worms, and is well-maintained from head to toe. Cinnamon is healthy and strong, ready to be loved and cared for by her new family. 


Invest your time, energy, and financial resources into this one of a kind pony, perfect for companionship, independent riding, and cart pulling. Up Schmitt Creek guarantees you will fall in love with this even-tempered, well-trained pony.

Little boy riding a pony
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