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Who is looking for the coolest pony for your kids? Bristol is the sweetest and most patient pony around. In a video, a little 3-year-old boy is shown learning to ride independently and Bristol takes great care of him. Bristol has exceptional ground manners and will respect your space. He can ride independently and on a lead line. Ponies like him are hard to come by. He is easy to tie, clip, bathe, and stands still for grooming and affection. Bristol is experienced on trails and is not easily spooked. He has also been exposed to dogs, tractors, and loud noises, making him a well-rounded pony. He is great with having his feet done and has no bad habits such as bucking or kicking.


You won't find a pony as cool as him easily. He is stocky and looks like a small horse. He can be ridden with a saddle or bareback. He is 100% sound and safe and is up to date on all his vaccinations.


He is 10 years old and stands at 10 hands. Located in Gerber, CA with shipping options available.

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